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Frequently asked questions.

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General Questions

These questions and answers are growing or the time as more questions are asked. Thank you for helping shape this section.

The license lasts until the end of your paid duration. For example, if you are on a monthly license and you cancel, you will still have until the end of the paid month.

The delivery and activation of licenses is configured to be almost instant. You will be up and running in minutes!

If you discover and report an issue, it will be resolved as soon as possible! Please use any of the contact methods available.

The Pro license is for a single user, and the Business license is for up to 5 users. Please contact us if you need a custom arrangement.

You can use Plotapi to produce beautiful and engaging visualisations. These will belong to you!

On the Pro and Business licenses, you cannot build a service on top of Plotapi whereby your service uses the API to generate visualisations. The license allows you to create visualisations and then those visualisations can be published or shared.

If you would like to build a service on top of Plotapi please get in touch using the contact methods.

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