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Easily turn your data into engaging visualizations. Powerful API for coders. Powerful app for everyone.

from plotapi import Chord

Chord(matrix, names).show()


Getting started

Welcome to the PlotAPI documentation. It contains all the information you need to get started using PlotAPI.

What is PlotAPI?

PlotAPI is software that enables you to turn your data into engaging, beautiful, and interactive plots.

The power of PlotAPI can be accessed directly through the API if you're a coder, or using our friendly APP if you prefer not to code.

Plots can be saved in many formats:

  • Interactive HTML
  • Animated video MP4
  • Static image PNG and SVG
  • Document PDF

They can even be uploaded to the Cloud and shared publicly, privately, or within your Team.

Use the API or the APP

PlotAPI is designed to be "Beautiful by Default".

This means a head-turning visualization is only a single click or single line of code away.

Single line of code with the API

Access the power of PlotAPI directly from your code with the API.

Simply load your data in your source file or notebook, and pass it into one of the plot types.

Let's demonstrate this with the Chord plot type.

Chord(matrix, names).show()
PlotAPI - Chord Diagram

Single click with the APP

Prefer not to code? Access the power of PlotAPI with the App - no coding required.

Simply enter your data using the user-friendly interface and click save.

Let's demonstrate this with the Chord plot type.

You can even adjust the appearance of your visualization directly from the App!