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Easily turn your data into engaging visualizations. Powerful API for coders. Powerful app for everyone.

from plotapi import Chord

Chord(matrix, names).show()

API for coders


Get access to the API with the instructions below. Libraries available for Python and Rust. For everything else, there's the REST API.

Python package

The PlotAPI Python package is available through pip and Conda conda-forge.

Install with pip

pip install plotapi

View the package on PyPI for further details.

Install with conda-forge

conda install -c conda-forge plotapi

View the package on conda-forge for further details.

Rust crate

The PlotAPI Rust crate is available through cargo.

Install with cargo

Add the following to your Cargo.toml file.

plotapi = "0.1.0"

View the crate on crates.io for further details.