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from plotapi import Chord

Chord(matrix, names).show()

Visualizations Terminus

Pipe styling

The Terminus pipes can be modified to improve the presentation of the diagram, giving control over the spacing and slope positions.

Sample data

Let's import PlotAPI and load our sample data.

from plotapi import Terminus

links = [
    {"source":"England", "target":"Germany", "value": 1000},
    {"source":"England", "target":"France", "value": 3000},
    {"source":"England", "target":"Spain", "value": 5000},
    {"source":"England", "target":"Italy", "value": 4000},
    {"source":"England", "target":"Japan", "value": 800},

    {"source":"Ireland", "target":"Germany", "value": 3500},
    {"source":"Ireland", "target":"France", "value": 3750},
    {"source":"Ireland", "target":"Spain", "value": 1750},
    {"source":"Ireland", "target":"Italy", "value": 5000},
    {"source":"Ireland", "target":"Japan", "value": 400},


There are many opportunities to customise the Terminus pipes.

  • slope_start, to change the point at which the pipe starts transitioning from its source x (or y) position to its target x (or y) position. Whether it's x or y depends on whether it's a vertical Terminus diagram or not. This value must be a float between or equal to 0.0 and 1.0.
  • slope_end, similar to the above, but for when the sope ends.
  • target_spacing_ratio, to specify how much of the arrangement should be whitespace versus how much should be taken up by pipe thickness. This value must be a float between or equal to 0.0 and 1.0.

Let's try a few combinations.

Terminus(links, pipe_color="#000000", pipe_opacity=0.1, show_stats=False, 
         slope_start=0.1, slope_end=0.9).show()
Terminus(links, pipe_color="#000000", pipe_opacity=0.1, show_stats=False,
         slope_start=0.45, slope_end=0.55).show_png()
Notebook PNG image
Terminus(links, pipe_color="#000000", pipe_opacity=0.1, show_stats=False,
Notebook PNG image