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from plotapi import Chord

Chord(matrix, names).show()

Visualizations Sankey

Flat link colors

PlotAPI Sankey uses gradients to colour the links by default. This can be changed to use flat colors instead.

Sample data

Let's import PlotAPI and load our sample data.

from plotapi import Sankey

links = [
    {"source":"Group A", "target":"Rank 1", "value": 1000},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 1", "value": 300},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 2", "value": 600},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 3", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club A", "value": 700},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club B", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club C", "value": 200},
    {"source":"Rank 2", "target":"Club B", "value": 200},
    {"source":"Rank 2", "target":"Club C", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 3", "target":"Withdrawn", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Club A", "target":"The Most Amazing Prize", "value": 500},


Link colour is controlled by the link_color_mode parameter which is set to "gradient" by default. The other options for link_color_mode are "source" which uses the source node's colour, or "target" which uses the target node's colour.

Flat colors by target

Sankey(links, link_color_mode="target").show()

Flat colors by source

Sankey(links, link_color_mode="source").show()
PlotAPI - Sankey Diagram