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from plotapi import Chord

Chord(matrix, names).show()

Visualizations Sankey

Popup layout and format

The popup supports many customizations, including the text format, width, and disabling it entirely.

Sample data

Let's import PlotAPI and load our sample data.

We can add a description to each link to have it display within the popup.

We can also add descriptions to nodes by creating a node data structure that we will pass into PlotAPI Sankey.

from plotapi import Sankey

links = [
    {"source":"Group A", "target":"Rank 1", "value": 1000, "description": "This was a <b>great</b> transition"},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 1", "value": 300, "description": "This <i>could</i> have gone better"},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 2", "value": 600},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 3", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club A", "value": 700},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club B", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club C", "value": 200},
    {"source":"Rank 2", "target":"Club B", "value": 200},
    {"source":"Rank 2", "target":"Club C", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 3", "target":"Withdrawn", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Club A", "target":"The Most Amazing Prize", "value": 500},

nodes = [
    {"name": "Group A", "description": 'Group A is funded by the organisers.<br><img src="https://plotapi.com/gallery/images/cards/posts/sankey/getting-started-with-sankey_thumb.thumbnail.jpg">'},
    {"name": "Group B", "description": "A long sentence to demonstrate popup width, a longish but not that long sentence indeed!"}



We have included the "description" property in the links and nodes data structures above, meaning they will not appear within the corresponding popups.

We can also set the following parameters:

  • tooltips - true to enable tooltips, false to disable them. Enabled by default.
  • popup_width - to change the popup width.
  • noun - to change the noun used in the popup text, defaults to "instances".
  • link_verb - to change the text used in the link popup text, defaults to "occurs in ".
  • node_verb - to change the text used in the node popup text, defaults to "occurs in ".
  • link_conjunction - to change the text used between the source and target name in a link popup. Defaults to a right-arrow, i.e "\u2192".
    link_verb="battled together in ",
    node_verb="battled in ",