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from plotapi import Chord

Chord(matrix, names).show()

Visualizations Sankey

Link opacity

The opacity of the links in the Sankey diagram can be changed. The opacity will change on mouse-over to highlight the selected connections.

Sample data

Let's import PlotAPI and load our sample data.

from plotapi import Sankey

links = [
    {"source":"Group A", "target":"Rank 1", "value": 1000},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 1", "value": 300},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 2", "value": 600},
    {"source":"Group B", "target":"Rank 3", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club A", "value": 700},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club B", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 1", "target":"Club C", "value": 200},
    {"source":"Rank 2", "target":"Club B", "value": 200},
    {"source":"Rank 2", "target":"Club C", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Rank 3", "target":"Withdrawn", "value": 400},
    {"source":"Club A", "target":"The Most Amazing Prize", "value": 500},


To change the foreground link colour opacity, we set link_opacity with a number between or including 0.0 and 1.0. The change in opacity is only noticeable when hovering over a node.

Sankey(links, link_opacity=0.75).show()

To change the background link colour opacity, we set link_background_opacity with a number between or including 0.0 and 1.0.

Sankey(links, link_background_opacity=0.4).show()
PlotAPI - Sankey Diagram


When setting link_background_opacity=1 in combination with a solid link_background_color, it can become difficult to discern between overlapping links.